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Landlord Insurance

Landlords Insurance, including contents insurance, provides cover for:

Accidental loss or damage (sudden and/or unforeseen event) to your contents up to the sum insured shown on your policy schedule.

Additional benefits include the following:

  • Malicious acts by tenants – up to $60,000 for damage to Contents and including damage to buildings if you have not insured it under the Building section of this policy.
  • Theft by tenants – up to $60,000.
  • Removal of debris – up to 10% of sum insured for contents for the cost of removing contents debris and damaged property.
  • Locks and keys – up to $1,000 if your keys are stolen.
  • Temporary repairs – the reasonable costs to prevent further loss or damage.
  • Fumigation costs – up to $5,000 following the death of a person in your building.
  • Legal expenses – up to $7,500 to minimise your loss of rent.

Loss Of Rent And Rent Default:

  • Loss of rent – up to 52 weeks if your building becomes unlivable as a result of insured loss or damage.
  • Tenant default – up to 18 weeks rent paid if your tenant defaults on their rent and up to 26 weeks rent paid if your tenant refuses to vacate the premises. (Max $1,000 per week unless specified in the schedule)

Legal Liability:

Cover applies to both Landlords Insurance and combined Landlords & Building Insurance.

  • Legal liability to pay compensation for personal injury or property damage in connection with your occupation as a landlord, up to an amount of $20 million.
  • General Exclusions Apply. For full details please refer to Landlord Select PDS online - www.landlordselect.com.au