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Keep your investment property and income safe

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What is Landlords Insurance and why is it important?


Landlord insurance protects your investment property against tenant-related risks to your building and contents.

This includes cover for accidental damage, theft and malicious damage by tenants, as well as loss of rental income.

We have seen first-hand how heartbreaking it is when the bond hasn’t been enough or when other insurance policies don’t cover landlords for tenant-related incidents.

That’s why for more than 30 years’ Aviso Qsure have specialised in brokering landlords’ insurance and the Landlord Select policy is designed specifically to make sure your investment property is covered for the unexpected and to keep your income safe.

Protect your investment property from accidential damage

Without landlords insurance, you could lose your valuable investment if it’s damaged or destroyed.

You could also lose income from rent if you are unable to rent it out during repairs, or if your tenants get evicted or break the lease.

Our Landlord Select Insurance Policy helps protect your investment property from unexpected tenant- related incidents and includes building and contents insurance, rent protection, tenant damage protection and public liability cover.

  • Protect your investment property and income from tenant-related risk

  • Affordable and comprehensive cover

  • Hassle-free claim management

Landlord Insurance


Our Landlords Insurance policy protects your investment property for accidental loss or damage to your contents and building up to the insured sum on your policy schedule.

Additional benefits include:

Accidental damage to contents

Up to $70,000 sum insured. Higher limits available.

Malicious acts by tenants

Up to $70,000 for damage to contents and buildings if not insured under the Building section of this Policy.

Deliberate damage

Up to the sum insured for deliberate damage by tenants to contents and building.

Pet damage

Up to $70,000 for damage caused by domestic pets owned by the tenant.

Unlawful substances

Up to $70,000 in one period of insurance for loss or damage caused by chemical contamination.

Accidental damage to buildings

Up to $70,000 if not insured under the Building section of this Policy.

Lock and keys

Up to $1,000 if your keys are stolen to re-key or replace locks on external doors and windows.

Tax audit cover

$5,000 for costs incurred as a result of an investigation or audit for the insured investment property.

Reletting expenses

Up to $500 for reasonable reletting expenses.

Theft, attempted theft or burglary by tenants

Up to $70,000 for loss or damage resulting from theft.

Rubbish removal

Up to $500 for removal of rubbish left by tenants and certain cleaning costs.

Loss of rent and tenant default


Loss of rent

Up to 52 weeks if your building becomes unliveable for a minimum of 7 consecutive days as a result of insured loss or damage.

Tenant default

Up to 20 weeks rent paid or $17,000 whichever is the lesser if your tenant defaults on their rent or if they refuse to vacate the premises. Max $1,000 per week unless specified. 

Legal expenses

Up to $5,000 towards legal expenses for loss of rent fees claims.

Legal liability

Legal liability

Up to $20 million for legal liability to pay compensation for personal injury or property damage happening during the period of insurance and caused by an occurrence at your address in connection with your ownership of the building and/or contents.


Keep your investment property and income safe