Get $25,000 legal expenses cover for as little as $250 a year.

Why Legal Expense Insurance for Landlords?

Every landlord hopes to have a straightforward, trouble-free relationship with their tenants but sadly more often than not this isn’t the case.

If things go wrong such as a tenant refusing to pay rent or damaging the property, it will likely be time consuming and expensive to sort out. This is where our unique Landlord’s Legal Expense Insurance product can help.

We will appoint a lawyer to represent you and pay their costs to protect your rights as a residential landlord arising from property damage, repossession, recovery of rent arrears and property-related prosecution defence.


Business Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) by ARAG Australia.


Legal costs for pursuit and defence – If legal action is necessary, ARAG's legal expense insurance products are there to cover the legal costs and expenses of events covered under the Policy. Legal expense insurance is a before the event cover.

Legal costs for pursuit and defense
Legal Information Helpline
Access to legal document centre

Request more information about ARAG's Legal Expense Insurance by launching this application. form. Landlord Select will be in contact to assist and can offer a quote.

Legal Expense Insurance for Landlords

Download the flyer for further details on the Summary of Cover as well as some examples of how the product works. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Legal Expense Insurance is a type of coverage that helps protect you from the financial burden of legal expenses. It provides coverage for legal costs, such as lawyer fees, court fees, and other legal expenses, depending on the terms of your policy.

Legal Expense Insurance offers numerous benefits. It provides you with access to legal advice and representation, helps cover the costs of legal disputes, and brings peace of mind knowing that you have the financial support to navigate legal issues that may arise.

Legal Expense Insurance can benefit individuals, families, and businesses alike. Anyone who wants protection from unexpected legal costs or seeks legal advice and representation can benefit from having this insurance coverage in place.

When you have Legal Expense Insurance, you can contact your insurance provider when you require legal advice or representation. They will guide you through the process, connect you with qualified lawyers, and help cover the legal expenses based on the terms of your policy.

Legal Expense Insurance covers a wide range of legal issues, including employment disputes, personal injury claims, contract disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, and criminal defense for certain offenses. The coverage may vary, so it's essential to review your policy for specific details.

Legal Expense Insurance can be particularly valuable for small businesses. It helps protect them from unexpected legal costs, such as contract disputes, employment issues, or regulatory compliance matters. By having this coverage, small businesses can focus on their operations while having access to legal advice and support when needed.