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We provide insurance solutions for NDIS tenants, custom-built homes and NDIS home upgrades that meet the required certification.


Having Trouble Getting Cover for Your NDIS Home? NDIS Home and Landlords Solutions


Obtaining landlords insurance for properties with an NDIS provider as the tenant can be difficult. Thankfully, Landlord Select has access to insurers who can provide coverage for your property in these circumstances.

If you have an NDIS tenant, you may find that your current home or landlords insurance will not cover you in the event of a claim or if the tenant causes damage to your property. Additionally, the improvements you have installed might not be covered either. At Landlord Select we can provide insurance solutions for NDIS tenants, custom-built homes and NDIS home upgrades that meet the required certification.

Protect Your Property with NDIS Landlord Insurance

Did you know?

Most traditional landlord insurance policies available online are unsuitable for your needs. Renting your property to an NDIS tenant could place you in a commercial lease agreement with a commercial entity. Standard landlord insurance policies are not designed for such situations and do not provide coverage for these agreements. As a result, you could end up with a policy that offers no protection and fails you when you need it most-in the event of a claim.

Protect Your Property with NDIS Landlord Insurance

An NDIS Landlord Insurance Package can safeguard your property against the financial impacts of fire, natural disasters, and accidents. With the right insurance policy in place, your building, rental income, and liabilities are protected, allowing you to continue your business with minimal disruptions.

Why Landlord Select

  • Specialized Solutions

    We offer tailored insurance solutions specifically for properties with NDIS tenants.

  • Access to Top Providers

    Our network includes insurance providers who are willing and able to cover properties with NDIS tenants.

  • Expert Advice

    Our experienced brokers provide comprehensive advice and support, helping you navigate the complexities of NDIS landlords insurance.

Key Features of Our NDIS Landlords Insurance


Property Damage Protection

Protect your property against risks such as fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters.

Liability Insurance

Shield yourself from potential legal liabilities arising from accidents or injuries that occur on your property.

Loss of Rent

Ensure your rental income is protected,

Contents Insurance

Cover the contents within your property, including any furnishings and equipment, against damage or loss.

How it Works

  • 01

    Contact us to discuss your specific needs and get a personalized quote.

  • 02
    Tailored Policy

    We will design a policy that covers all aspects of your NDIS landlord requirements.

  • 03
    Ongoing Support

    Receive continuous support and updates from our dedicated team, ensuring your coverage evolves with your needs.

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